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Don't let you your battery strand you this winter.

Cold weather is especially hard on car batteries. According to AAA's Automotive Research Center, at 0°F, a car's battery loses about 60 percent of its strength and at 32°F it loses 35 percent.   During cold temperatures starting an engine can take up to twice as much current as needed under normal conditions. Let the pros at Huntington Center Gulf test your battery for free today. We also carry Interstate Batteries if you need a new one.
Engine Repair Shelton, CT

Unbeatable Auto Repair & More in Shelton, CT

Make Huntington Center Gulf your one-stop shop for auto repair, new tires, oil changes, and more. We’re more than just a local gas station in Huntington, CT. We’re a AAA-approved service station, and auto repair shop that can cater to all of your car needs. At Huntington Center Gulf, we take life one mile at a time!
We welcome cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs of all makes and models, including Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, Lincoln, Acura, Toyota, Ford, Jeep, and others. Our staff ensures your experience at Huntington Center Gulf is the best one every time, no matter what. After all, we strive to make new customers into lifetime customers! 
We provide auto care and repair services to the following makes and models:


Auto & Engine Repair Done Right

Hundreds of motorists are always stopping by to fill up to schedule oil changes or buy new tires. They also come by for auto repairs that they know will be fast and affordable. From transmission repair and engine repair, to brake replacement and tire rotations, we have it all covered. 

Huntington Center Gulf provides the utmost convenience for you while you’re on the road. If you’re going to stop somewhere for cheap gas, make sure it’s at our location! 

Don’t forget! We always offer free pick-up and delivery to your home or office.
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Volkswagen Repair Shelton, CT
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